A portfolio of published works by Garth von Buchholz (but not an exhaustive list)

Anthologies & Journals

Will the Circle Be Unbroken (fiction), Island Writer, December 2020 (new)
● Zero Dark (fiction) and Where are the Hands? (poetry), The Siren’s Call, Vol 50, 2020
● HAÜS (short fiction), Kill Switch, USA, 2019
● 2005 YU55 (poetry), Horrible Disasters, USA, 2013
● Good Company (feature article), Boulevard Magazine, Victoria, BC, May 2013
● Circle of Swallows (poetry), Island Writer magazine, Victoria, BC, Winter 2012
● No One Makes It Out Alive: An End of the World Anthology (contributor), 2012
● Make Mad the Roaring Winds (short fiction), The Rag Literary Magazine, USA, 2011
● Terracotta Oil Lamp (poetry) and Sarcophagus (poetry),
The Best of Every Day Poets Two, Vancouver, BC, 2011
● Beads (poetry), Quills Canadian Poetry Magazine, Vancouver, BC, 2010
● Flatland (poetry), Island Writer Magazine, Victoria, BC, May 2010
● The Wedding Dance (poetry), Vintage Poetry, USA, 2011
● Mad Shadows (poetry), Industry in Morning (poetry),Scarlet Literary Magazine, USA, 2010
● Forevermore Poe (essay), Clarkesworld Magazine, USA, 2009
● In the Basement of the Citadel Hotel (poetry), Return of the Raven, Hamilton, ON, 2009
● Captivated (poetry), Silence Ascending (poetry), Nefarious Ballerina, USA, 2009
● Assiniboine Riverbank (poetry), The Unicorn Reader, Canada, 1998
● Winter Itself (poetry), Strawberry Tea (poetry), To My Sister (poetry),
Zygote Magazine, Winnipeg, MB, 1993
● Shoah (poetry), Carousel Literary/Arts Magazine, Guelph, ON, 1988

Books (non-fiction)

● 157 Tips for Improving eLearning Design (contributor), The eLearning Guild, 2017
● Start-up: Setting Up a New Media Business in Canada & Teacher’s Guide (author),
Cultural Human Resources Council, 2009
● The Encyclopedia of Manitoba (contributor), Great Plains Publications, 2007
● Fast Facts on Drugs (author), Addictions Foundation of Manitoba, 1997
● Manitoba Travel Guide (contributor), Manipeg Publications, 1995
● Fast Facts on Alcohol (author), Addictions Foundation of Manitoba, 1995


Washington Post interview with Garth von Buchholz (2012)


● eLearning articles, eLearning Industry, USA, Aug 2019, Oct 2019
● Technology articles, The Globe and Mail, Toronto, ON, 2005-2018
● Internet Today (weekly column), Winnipeg Free Press, Winnipeg, MB, 1998-2000
● Book reviews, New York Journal of Books, New York, NY, USA, 2010
● Arts and culture articles, Zouch Magazine, USA, 2010-2012
● Technology articles, Douglas Magazine, Victoria, BC, 2008-2009
● Technology articles, InformIT, USA, 2005
● Technology articles, PeachPit Press, USA, 2005
● Dance reviews, The Dance Current, Toronto, ON, 2004-2008
● Feature article, Maclean’s Magazine, Toronto, ON, 1992
● Arts reviews, stories and features, Winnipeg Free Press, Winnipeg, MB, 1990-2005

Poetry Chapbooks

● Mad Shadows, Lulu Books, USA, 2016
● The Dance / Dancing, The Plowman, Whitby, ON, 1989


● Land of Milk and Honey (2-act play), Manitoba Association of Playwrights,
Winnipeg, MB, 1994 (professionally workshopped and staged at Prairie Theatre Exchange)
● Miracle Revival Meeting, Manitoba Association of Playwrights, Winnipeg, MB, 1991
(recipient of Manitoba Arts Council Playwrights Development Grant)
● PAULUS (1-act play), The King’s Players, Winnipeg, MB, Nov 1989

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