…In those beads broken and scattered throughout creation
Where was I when you gathered them in the sum of your years?

(excerpt from Beads by Garth von Buchholz, published in Quills Canadian poetry journal, Volume VII, 2010)



You are both a flower and an instrument;
One embodies beauty, the other creates it.

The Violet rises to the sky to shame the dark clouds,
The Viola trembles its strings to surpass silence.

I can see you in color and in sound:

Petals of music,
Shivers of color.


Newcastle Island & the Irrelevance of Stars

Newcastle Island and the Irrelevance of Stars

Fireflies hover above the open canopy of our tent‒‒
Ah…they are only stars, not insects. They have no light for me.
Newcastle Island is dark, and smells of seawater and camp fires.
All that touches me is by my side—warm, breathing, dreaming.
The pinpoint holes in the heavens cannot light the colours below,
and my electric torch is more brilliant than any star, because it is ours.
The learned astronomers tell us galaxies are collapsing and exploding
but I feel more heat from your breath than those trillion stellar blazes  
Whitman told us he look’d up in perfect silence at the stars, and I
have been in awe before, but soon we will visit those endless continents
and dry our feet on their shores; for now, the barely glowing mortals
beneath the canvas are fragile as moonlight on the waves,
and will shine longer than the faint sparks above.  

by Garth von Buchholz
poetry contest winner, 2016


Two new works to be published in The Sirens Call (Summer 2020)

I’m pleased to share the news that two of my works, Zero Dark (fiction) and Where Are the Hands (poetry) will be included in the 50th edition of The Sirens Call this summer!

Another exciting reason to celebrate is that my daughter’s fine poem, Widow’s Weeping Crawl will also be included in the same issue.


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